Comparison – Herpes Dating Services


Comparison – Herpes Dating Sites

To stand out from rest of the crowd as a herpes dating service means that you’re not only creating a normal dating website, but a bonafide group. This is particularly vital with a conditions such as herpes, where most who have been diagnosed take some serious period in order to get used to the miserable stigma attached to the disease and the disease itself.

Popularity is a crucial for a dating website, because it improves the possibilities of finding a suitable match for everybody. However, site members also needs to be active, which includes not only creating a profile, visiting around one or two times, & never visiting back.

In the ‘test search’ which was conducted within Colorado, one of the crucial things which was noted was how few subscribers were present on the sites who had HSV-1. The numbers were specifically bad on MPwH, where it was found that only 11 ‘men seeking women’ were present on the site who were diagnosed with HSV-1 in the complete state. Equal numbers were calculated for ‘women seeking men’ as well. However, the numbers were marked better on Positive Singles, who had 177 members of the former and 36 members of the latter.

Which Herpes Dating Site Has the Most Active Subscribers?

Though the amounts of active subscribers were identical for the two herpes sites, Positive Singles had better active members to select from as a result to the better popularity. For instance, 230 men who had HSV-2 were on the website during the last month, as compared to 106 that were on MPwH. In women, 167 were found active on Positive Singles during the last 30 days, as compared to 74 on MPwH.

Activity is naturally the most crucial thing to measure on an online dating website, because it is easy for a website which was built in the year 2000 to keep each profile that was created under their directory. Be sure to examine the ‘last login date’ group on the profiles when you’re searching.

This small assessment shall provide you with an idea of what the popular herpes dating sites are all about.


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